3 steps to buy custom jewelry showcases from china

Buying custom jewelry showcases for a jewelry store from China is a good choice, and working with a professional jewelry showcase manufacturer saves you much time and money. 

We like to walk you through the entire purchasing process of custom jewelry showcases for a retail store from China.

Now, let’s check the three simple steps:

3 steps to buy custom jewelry showcase from china_ujoydisplay_2020

1. Custom design of Jewelry Store

1.1 3-D renderings

Before opening a retail store, for example, a jewelry store, it’s better to have a custom design first. With 3-D renderings of the retail store, you can see what the dream store looks like visually, and the mall management or landlord would also require the 3-D renderings of your shop for approval of leasing.

3d rendering of a jewelry store_ujoydisplay

1.2 Technical drawings

Once you have the 3-D renderings approved by the mall management or landlord, you can ask the store showcase manufacturer to make the technical drawings accordingly; It shows the material, dimensions, color, and structure of the retail store furniture. Thus you would have a good understanding of the display showcase details.

technical drawings of jewelry store showcase_ujoydisplay
finished jewelry showcases from ujoydisplay

1.3 Store design time

When your design studio or showcase manufacturer understands your basic requirements of the store design, generally it takes 3 to 5 days to draw the 3-D renderings with 3D Studio Max or SketchUp. And another 3 days to 5 days to finish the technical drawings after your approval of the 3D design.

Meanwhile, it’s better to have 1 more week for modifying the design as per the feedback of the landlord or mall management, plus it takes time to get the final approval from the landlord.

1.4 Custom design fee

The custom design takes much communication and technical job, so the design company(studio) or store showcase manufacturer would ask for some design fee, which is charged mostly as per store area or case by case.

The difference between the design company and showcase manufacturer is that Chinese showcase manufacturers could often deduct the design fee in the formal order payment with store showcases. So actually the custom design is FOR FREE with Chinese showcase manufacturers. For example, if the custom design fee is USD1000, while the entire store showcase project costs USD9000, so you will just pay USD8000 for the customized store showcases.

2. Jewelry showcase manufacturing

2.1 Preparing the raw materials

As it’s a fully customized showcase, in most cases there are many materials to be prepared: MDF, plywood, wood veneer, HPL, tempered glass, stainless steel, paint, hardware, LED lights, LED power supply, marble, artificial stone, acrylic, leather, linen, etc.

watch showcase materials_ujoydispaly
makeup showcase materials

2.2 Wood or Metal structure

After cutting the wood/metal panels, the carpenter will nail the wood structure; and the ironworker will weld the steel structure as per the technical drawings exactly.

2.3 Polish and paint

To have a perfect finish on the showcases, workers need to polish the wood and stainless steel structure before painting. There are primer and topcoat baking paint on MDF wood showcases, and clear varnish on wood veneer finish. As to the metal painting, there are powder-coating on iron steel and electroplating on stainless steel.

wood structure for painting_ujoydisplay

2.4 Install glass, hardware, and lighting

The last step of manufacturing a showcase is to install the glass, hardware(lock, handle, hinge), LED lighting, and logo letters if any. Once it’s complete, you can see the finished entire showcases.

LED lighting install on showcases_ujoydisplay

2.5 Testing the lighting and pre-installation

It’s very necessary to test all LED lights for over 8 hours before packing, in case any defect on LED lights and electric wiring. Finally, there will be pre-installation of the display units from a mall kiosk, the manufacturer may find any issues when connecting the separate display showcase and solve the problems quickly.

2.6 Cleaning and Packaging

It takes time to clean the showcases as there are tempered glass and some glue used in most cases. And the wood crate packages are also customized to fit the showcases perfectly.

2.7 Manufacturing time of showcases

It generally takes 2 to 4 weeks to manufacture the showcases for a retail store or a mall kiosk. So it’s better to schedule a purchasing plan in advance.

3. Shipping to worldwide

3.1 By sea or by air

Once it’s ready for shipping, most of the store showcases are shipped by sea because of large package volume and gross weight. Sometimes the showcase prototype could be shipped by air when the buyer needs to receive one sample urgently.

showcase loading to container sea shipping_ujoydisplay

3.2 Local broker VS Chinese forwarder

If you have imported from China before and worked with some local brokers, it’s easy to ask them to take care of everything. The local broker works with some Chinese forwarders to arrange the booking, picking up the container, and delivering to the door.

If it’s your first time to import from China, the showcase manufacturer can use their forwarder to arrange to ship for you, either delivering to your local seaport or delivering to the door.

3.3 General transit time

If it’s shipped by air, it takes 3 to 10 days generally;

And when it goes with ocean freight, the shipping time varies a lot as follows:

  • From China to East Aisa: 1 to 3 days
  • From China to South East Aisa: 7 to 10 days
  • From China to South Aisa: 15 days
  • From China to Australia/New Zealand: 15 to 20 days
  • From China to Middle East countries: 15 to 25 days
  • From China to North Africa & Mediterranean: 20 to 30 days
  • From China to Europe: 30 to 40 days
  • From China to East Africa: 25 days
  • From China to West Africa: 35 to 45 days
  • From China to the West of America: 12 to 15 days
  • From China to the East of America: 22 to 30 days
  • From China to Central America: 20 to 30 days
  • From China to South America: 25 to 30 days


So that’s it for the 3 steps to buy custom jewelry showcases from China. You can download the mind mapping below as a checklist for your new project, and track the order status with the showcase manufacturer easily.

If you have any new project for jewelry store showcases or jewelry kiosks, welcome to contact us to get store design ideas and price estimates FOR FREE.

custom jewelry showcases from China

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