How to start a jewelry kiosk business?

If you want to start your own business with less investment, then opening a jewelry kiosk business is a good choice.

Jewelry is a highly profitable, highly fragmented line with a large market. A report in the USA, the jewelry generates an annual turnover of $30 billion. The top 50 jewelry chains generate less than half of their total revenue.

modern jewelry kiosk
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    And women always know it’s easy to change their look by jewelry without the expense of buying a whole new outfit. No woman can refuse the pretty bling jewelry. There is always an opportunity to go into the jewelry kiosk business.

    Also jewelry mall kiosk compare with the street shop, there are higher customer flow, but low overhead, small inventories and low or non-existent CAM, tax and marketing fees.

    jewelry kiosk

    In a word, opening a jewelry kiosk in mall is a good start to run a new business.

    jewelry mall kiosk

    #1 How to open a jewelry mall kiosk

    Kiosk business are small. Typically, small kiosk business thrive off of their incredible accessibility. Before starting your business, you need to plan your business.

    Plan your jewelry store kiosk business

    jewelry kiosk business plan

    A clear plan is essential for success as an entrepreneur. It will help you map out the specifics of your business and discover some unknowns. A few important topics to consider are:

    #1. How to develop the jewelry store kiosk sustainably(introduce new jewelry every week/every month).

    #2. Who are your target clients? What are the affordable price ranges for them?

    jewelry kiosk target client

    #3. Analyze your competitors. Such as their jewelry material, design style, target clients, employees, and price ranges. And find your strength and difference.

    #4. Find your jewelry class. Jewelry is often classified as bridal, fashion jewelry, watches, diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, and gemstone jewelry.

    #5. Make a market test. You can sell your jewelry in ebay or amazon. Then you will know the jewelry popularity, reasonable price and clients’ feedback.

    #6. Obtain the permits and licenses needed in your state, buy the business insurance.

    #7. Open wholesale accounts with manufacturers and distributors of costume jewelry.

    #8. Find a good location where your target customers are.

    retail store location

    #9. Pick a fashionable easy remember shop name.

    How to promote & market a retail kiosk for jewelry business

    Growing and developing your business is the key to make more money. As a jewelry kiosk owner, you need to focus on business expansion.

    Some ideas to share with you:

    #1. Introduce a variety of jewelry in different materials, sizes, colors, and designs, to meet your target clients’ needs.

    #2. Provide customized personalized service. Customers can buy premade jewelry or made a customized one on site.

    jewelry kiosk customized service

    #3. Keep the inventory in good control. Take the sufficient supply of high demand in stock and adjust the category timely.

    #4. Build an accessible, eye-catching jewelry kiosk to make an upscale image. That will make your kiosk store stand out among the mall stores and be the clients’ premier choice.

    modern jewelry kiosk

    #5. Take care of customers and employees. Both of them are very important for the development of the kiosk business. Collect their feedback and help to solve theirs’ problems.

    #6. Train staff. Such as extensive jewelry knowledge, clothing collocation. How to ask open questions and arouse their interest to develop a deep conversation, not just push them to buy jewelry.

    jewelry kiosk staff trainning

    #7. As jewelry trends and styles change from year to year, and season to season, it is necessary to keep flexibility in the product lines. Jewelry kiosk owners should change the product lines quickly with styles and trends.

    #8. Keep a healthy cash flow

    retail store cost 3

    As we know jewelry sales are highly seasonal and 40% of revenue is generated in the fourth quarter. And you will get 25% sales annual in December. 

    Take US annual jewelry sales as an example:

    jewelry kiosk sales data

    The high inventories are always taken more than 50% of annual sales. That request you must have enough funds support.

    #9. SWOT analysis(strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat).

    How to keep clients coming to buy again and again

    Your jewelry Store Kiosk should offer a high level of customer service and personalized fashion recommendations tailored to the customer. You can attract and maintain customers through the unique combination of modern jewelry kiosk design, good quality jewelry, and considerate customer service and fashion recommendations.

    jewelry kiosk loyalty

    #1. Express the emotion by jewelry and take the jewelry as a part of the client’s cloth. Pay attention to target clients’ habits, personalities, and occasions.

    #2. Show our happiness by sales clerks’ smiling and upbeat talking. And provide practical outfit suggestions.

    #3. Provide good after-sales service. Such as cleaning, care, and repair jewelry.

    jewelry kiosk aftersales service

    What are the ongoing expenses for a mall kiosk business?

    The cost to set up a kiosk and prepare it for operation is about $20, 000 to $100,000. That depends on the location and size.

    1. Rent for kiosk space: $1000-10000

    2. Jewelry inventory: $3000-50000 depending on different jewelry

    3. Employees cost: over $25000 per employee

    #2 Custom kiosk types of jewelry

    Generally, there are 4 types of jewelry mall kiosks, the list is as below:

    • Open style jewelry store kiosks
    • Enclosed style kiosk
    • Kiosk store with ceiling light stripe
    • Kiosk without ceiling light stripe
    Open style jewelry kiosks
    jewelry kiosk open style

    This layout shows a free and relaxed atmosphere. Clients won’t feel too crowded. On the flipside, it will waste some place and reduce the display space.

    Enclosed style jewellery kiosk

    enclosed jewelry kiosk

    This style will maximizes the use of space and display more jewelry. But it will looks a little crowded. Considering the high mall rend and jewelry security, we always recommend this style to you.

    Jewelry store kiosk with ceiling light stripe

    The overall store is brighter and looks bigger with the ceiling light stripe. Meanwhile, the cost of a kiosk with ceiling lights is a little higher.

    Jewelry store kiosk without ceiling light stripe

    jewelry kiosk without ceiling light

    #3 Display case types for a jewelry shop kiosk

    A jewelry kiosk is made of different types of jewelry showcases.

    jewelry kiosks

    Flat jewelry showcase 

    The glass part to display jewelry, the wood or metal part to store jewelry and jewelry packages etc.

    Jewelry display tower showcase

    The structure is similar to the flat showcase, however, it’s higher in size generally. It is always combined with a flat showcase.

    Cash counter

    As contactless payment becomes popular, there is no need to have a big cash counter.

    Signage blade

    Usually, the height of the signage cabinet is 6-7 feet. Your kiosk will be more eyecatching with a backlit logo and posters. The signage will tell customers what they can get from your kiosk far away.

    #4 Jewelry kiosk design


    Once you have a perfect retail kiosk business plan and get a good shopping mall location. Now it’s time to start the kiosk design.

    The design includes layout, 3D rendering, and technical drawing.


    jewelry kiosk layout floor

    A reasonable layout can maximize the use of space and better display more jewelry. Design the layout according to the customers’ walking route and line of sight. 

    Such as, people always prefer to go to the right. So if you want to sell something to customers. It should place these products to the right of the customers.

    3D rendering

    Choose your favorite style and color. Then our designers will build the 3D model and finish the 3D rendering for you. With the 3D rendering, you will see what your jewelry  store looks like.

    Technical drawing

    engineering drawings of jewelry kiosk

    The technical drawing shows the kiosk’s construction, material, size and craft details.

    According to this drawing, we will produce the jewelry kiosk exactly what you want.

    100 kiosk design ideas for jewelry(I like NO. 84 most)

    # 5 Procuction of Jewelry Kiosk

    Now, you have a great store design, it is time to make the dream design to be reality. I show you an example.

    trial installation of jewelry kiosk in workshop_ujoydisplay

    Trial installation of the jewelry kiosk in the workshop. 

    This step is very important. We will find some problem and solve them in advance before shipping to your hands.

    Lighting test before packaging

    jewelry kiosk packaging and container loading_ujoydisplay

    Packaging and container loading. Now, the kiosk is on the boat to your city. We are exciting to see the appearance of the jewelry display kiosk on your site.

    The above is the whole process to open a shopping mall kiosk for jewelry.

    Are you going to start a jewelry business in the shopping mall? Or maybe you have some questions about the jewelry store kiosk business. 

    Either way, if you have any inquiries about kiosk business, email us at or online chat at WhatsApp: 0086-15915356787 for prompt service.

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