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Ujoy Display is a professional jewelry showcase manufacturer, with over 15 years of design and manufacturing experience and a professional service team.

With our top quality semi-finished jewelry display showcases ready to ship, we have helped over 400 global jewelers to create incredible jewelry retail experiences.

Building your dream jewelry store has never been easier with Ujoy Display, contact us now to make it happen.

Alan, the displays have arrived, they look amazing! I will send you a video! You packed them very well so it was quite a job, but really happy!
Judigje- Judigje Edelsmid
Brother, I am very happy with the display showcases, everyone finds a nice store, I get a lot of compliments. Thanks to your professionalism!
Hayk - Hayko Jewels
It’s all just gorgeous!!! Very happy, will send lots of pics when it’s setup. Please use me as a reference if needed for other US clients.
Jackie - KellyWade Jewelers

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