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What you get from Ujoy

We are a manufacturer of jewelry showcases, with over 10 years of design and manufacturing experience and a professional service team.

With eye-catching designs and tailor-made showcases, we have helped 320 jewelry brands to create incredible retail experiences.

Building your dream jewelry store has never been easier with Ujoy Display, contact us now to make it happen.

1. Free Design

We make free store layout and showcase design to match with your store size and jewelry style. You can start the project easier.

2. Custom Manufacturing

Optimized space with custom jewelry showcases, which improves store visits, shopping experience and sales.

3. Deliver to Door

Even it's your first import from China, we make it as easy as possible. Delivering to door saves your time and money.

4. Easy Installation

Assembled packaging makes the on-site installation very easy, installation guide with photos and videos are provided.

Excellent crafts deliver unique results

We select various materials in customized colors to make a perfect finish, including MDF with baking paint, plywood, veneer, stainless steel, HPL, stone, tempered glass, leather and LED lights, etc.

To create jewelry showcases that are both functional and beautiful, we use different techniques such as bending, welding, polishing, plating, and beveling.

We concentrated on getting the basics of project management right; meeting deadlines, exceeding expectations, and keeping clients happy by doing the little things right and the big things better.

Our Happy Clients

"Ujoy Display is an awesome team to work with, my showcases were delivered smoothly, in a tight schedule, they even helped us to buy bulletproof doors "
Founder of Alencia Jewelry
"Thank you for everything, its amazing and I can't wait to share the finished store pictures with you guys, great job!"
Aurelle_jewelery brand
Director of Aurelle Juwelier
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    jewelry store showcase design ebook catalogue_ujoydisplay

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