How to choose the right lighting for showcases

How to choose the right lighting for jewelry showcases?

In the previous post “How to custom showcase colors?” we talked about the lighting colors can also be customized, however, how to choose the right lighting for the retail store showcases and cabinets?

You might be wondering:

  • What type of lighting should I use for my jewelry showcases?
  • What color temperature should I take for my products?
  • Should I use LED strip light or spotlight?
  • Is it necessary to add extra ceiling light over my showcases?
Now let’s check the details:

Why LED light is the best option

Nowadays LED lighting is very widely used in display cases, because of the following advantages:

1: LED lighting features Long Operational Life Time Expectations;

2: LED lighting features a much better energy efficiency;

3: LED lighting Is much more eco-friendly;

4: LED illumination can withstand rough conditions;

5: LED lighting features close to no UV emissions;

6: LED lighting has powerful flexible design features;

7: It is operational in extremely cold or hot temperatures;

8: LED Lights achieve higher application efficiency;

9: LED lights can be turned on/off many times;

10: LED lighting can run on the low-voltage power supply.

LED light types for showcases:

  • LED rigid strip;
  • LED rope lights; 
  • LED spotlights; 
  • LED stand pole lights.
LED rigid strip
LED spotlight
LED rope light
LED stand pole light

What is color temperature?

Color temperature is a way to describe the light appearance provided by a light source. It is measured in degrees of Kelvin (K) on a scale from 1,000 to 10,000.
Typically, Kelvin temperatures for commercial and residential lighting applications fall somewhere on a scale from 2000K to 6500K.
A light bulb’s color temperature lets us know what the look and feel of the light produced will be. The color temperature of a light bulb is assigned using the basis of correlated color temperature (CCT).

color temperature chart__LED light in showcase__ujoydisplay
Color temperature Chart
LED light colors on store
LED strip light colors
led spotlight color examples 3000K 4000K 6000K_UJOYDISPLAY
LED spotlight color examples

What is the right color temperature to take?

The right color temperature of the LED light depends on the type of products you are displaying, take jewelry as an example: A warmer color (3000 Kelvin) is perfect for gold jewelry; while a cooler illumination (6000 Kelvin) is best for silver, and diamonds.

Using the wrong color temperature will ruin the effect you are looking for. And make sure that the LED light heads stay invisible. There is nothing more unpleasant than those aggressive little bulb heads shining right into your eyes.

  • 2200K to 3000K, which is considered soft or warm white. This lighting is perfect for gold jewelry, as well as gemstones that are yellow and orange.
  • 3000K to 4100K, which is advertised as cool white or neutral white. This type of lighting is good for general purposes since it’s more neutral.
  • 5000K to 6500K, which is blue-white, and what most bulb manufacturers call “daylight.” This type of lighting is perfect for special display cases, diamonds, and other types of jewelry that you want to stand out.
3000K LED strip light in jewelry showcase to display gold
6000K LED strip light in jewelry showcase to display silver, diamond
invisble led lighting inside jewelry showcase_ujoydisplay
LED strip light head is invisble in jewelry showcase

What type of lighting is right for showcases?

It could be confusing for retailers to choose the proper lighting for retail display showcases, as there are indeed many options. You may consider the following items when selecting the right and proper lighting for store display showcases:

  • The purpose of display
  • The showcase structure
  • The number of products to display
  • The brightness you want to achieve

Here we’d like to share some showcases with lighting as examples:

1. Bottom lighting on tower showcase

Advantage: You’ll get an extra-large frameless vision for the glass showcase part, because all LED lights were hidden underneath the clear tempered glass+cream white acrylic panel; The other option is a light guide plate as the light source.

bottom lighting for glass pedestal tower
Bottom lighting for small pedestal/tower showcase

2. Top lighting on counter showcases

Advantage: This solution comes with LED strip light from the top, all strip lights are hidden through the metal cover. You’ll get a very good brightness and the light is even. This solution is most widely used for glass counters.

Top lighting with LED strips all around jewelry counter showcase
top led strip light on around tower
Top lighting with LED strip light all around jewelry tower showcase

3. LED stand pole light on showcases

Advantage: This solution comes with LED stand pole lights inside the glass showcase, and the lights are more visible under the glass countertop. You can either choose a spotlight to highlight the featured products, or the LED gate light to give an even light effect on the display area.

LED stand gate light on jewelry display showcase
LED stand pole light on tower
LED stand pole light on jewelry tower showcase
LED stand pole light on jewelry counter showcase -
LED stand pole light on jewelry counter showcase

4. LED lights for high wall cabinet

Advantage: This solution comes with LED spotlights on the very top of the wall cabinet, it looks nicer than the LED strip lights as it will be more visible in such a high position.

Also, the invisible LED strip lights under each glass/wooden shelf give a very good brightness.

LED light for high wall display cabinet


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