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What is Mall Kiosk?

mall kiosk (also referred to as retail kiosk or Retail Merchandising Unit) is a store operated out of a merchant supplied kiosk of varying size and shape, which is typically enclosed with the operator located in the center and customers approaching the vendor across a counter.

In today’s fast-paced world, the retail kiosk has become increasingly popular.

Here is the Google trends about Mall Kiosk in past 10 years:


What are workable Mall Kiosk Business ideas?

If you’re thinking of starting a kiosk business of your own, consider one of these 12 most common and successful mall kiosk business opportunities:

1. Jewelry

As you can see, jewelry kiosks are located in every shopping mall. You may wish to focus on costume jewelry, silver, and semiprecious stones rather than gold and precious gems for a mall kiosk store.

2. Cosmetics

Mall kiosks are great testing grounds for makeup products, and consumers are accustomed to kiosk merchants selling newer and latest cosmetics. The market is almost exclusively female and visual appeal is the key to success.

3. Food & Drink

There are quite a number of options: popcorn, peanuts, ice cream, hot dogs, pretzels, pizza, custom chocolates, lollipops, candies, coffee and juice etc. With the fresh aroma of the tasty treats wafting through high-traffic areas, the business practically sells itself!

4. Electronics and Accessories

Cell phones, phone accessories, and other types of popular electronics are displayed in a high-traffic area. There is also big demand on repair service for cellphones and computers.

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E-Cigarette mall kiosk business-ujoydisplay

5. Eyewear

Sunglasses and some ornamental eyewear are almost universally-loved products which do well in a kiosk. These items appeal to both low and high-income shoppers, and so do well in mainstream as well as upscale retail centers.

6. Clothing

Another mall kiosk business is selling clothing items and accessories like scarves, belts, hats, watches etc. If you have your own T-shirt designing business, a mall kiosk is a good way to sell your products.

7. Gifts & Novelties

Custom T-shirts, signs, mugs, gifts, personalized Christmas gifts, even magic props sell great.

8. Toys

It’s better to include small items that will be purchased by parents when their children see them in the mall.

9. Holiday decorations

Add some seasonal candles, door hangers, Christmas ornaments, and table centerpieces are often bought on impulse.

10. Exercise gear, sports and fitness equipment

A great body is important to everyone. People badly need the fitness equipment to stay in good shape. Giving some professional and workable advice as bonus to boost the sales.

11. E-Cigarette

E-cigarettes are indeed an alternative to traditional cigarettes and get much popular. Mall kiosk is a great option to promote the brand and test the sales.

12. Health Products

Spa and wellness products,Nutritional & skin-care products, accessories are good options.

6 Benefits of using retail mall kiosk:

  • Lower Overhead Expenses
  • Major Foot Traffic and Advertising
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Easy to expand
  • Good for O2O business(Online to Offline)
  • Better Inventory Management
save cost of mall kiosk business

Mall Kiosk Business Tips:

Mall kiosks are in competition with large retail stores that may sell similar products. To establish a successful kiosk business, the kiosk should try to focus on niche or specialty items that are not available in some of the larger stores to decrease the competition.


Watch Mall Kiosk Business Ideas Video:

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