modern jewelry kiosk

Modern jewelry kiosk with signage cabinet

Model No. UJK-01

Includes jewelry display showcases, corner cases, cash counter and signage blade and a dummy door.

Enclosed style: maximize the use of display space

Eyecatching sinage cabinet

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Attention to details

  • UV print acrylic backlit logo
  • Signage cabinet height: 7 foot (Customers can see the jewelry brand far away)
  • Backlit poster: eyecatching, attract customers
  • Changable poster. The poster can be changed in 10 minutes.
  • UV full color printed poster, clearer and keep the picture color better.
  • Perfect to display high end rings, necklace,  earrings etc.
jewelry kiosk signage cabinet
custom jewelry kiosk

Your jewelry deserve a better jewelry kiosk

Each retail display kiosk includes 

(1) legdgetop checkout case (2)glass display showcases (3)glass corner cases (4)signage cabinet (5)repair table

Material: MDF with high glossy white painting, tempered safe glass, LED energy-saving strips, easy changable poster.

The easy changable poster support you to publish new jewelry season by season.

Cream white color painting, cold white LED lighting, backlit poster, the whole kiosk creat a bright feeling. There is no lady can refuse the shiny kiosk and bling bling jewelry.

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