Custom white jewelry mall kiosk

Model No.: UJK-10
Size: 11*11 foot
Style: Modern simplicity
Color: Cream white

Includes 1. flat jewelry showcase, corner glass showcase, cash counter, signage cabinet.

The jewelry showcases with 2 or 3 layers display shelves, expand the display space in the limited space. 

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Today’s jewelry kiosk is a great example of how to use space. one side of the kiosk was raised to a height of 7 feet for a window display effect.

The display section is made entirely of glass, which highlights the product without affecting the visibility of the rest of the kiosk.

Underneath the display showcase, the back side is used as a storage section.

2 backlit posters are used on the front, more eye-catching. We use replaceable posters.

You can change the promotion posters anytime according to the season or when you have new products on the shelves.

modern jewelry kiosk

For the 2 corner display showcases, the designer used the shape of a seashell to bring the whole store closer to nature and unique.

The rounded design conveys an elegant, friendly feeling to customers.

The cashier section is placed in the middle of the entire kiosk, measuring only 2 feet, 8 inches in length.

With the popularity of contactless payment, stores do not need large checkout cabinet.

The logo cabinet, with an attractive backlit logo and poster on both sides. This allows customers to notice your store far away.

modern jewelry kiosk

The glass jewelry showcases are all designed with 2 layers, which expands the display area and can display more products in the limited space.

The glass cover is filled with cold white LED energy-saving light strips, which is bright enough and energy-saving.

The whole jewelry kiosk kicker section, are installed with light strips to make the whole kiosk more bright and eye-catching.

modern jewelry kiosk

More details for your:

  • Material: high quality MDF with bake painting, safe tempered glass, energy-saving LED strip, backlit acrylic logo
  • Size/Color/Logo: 100% customized
  • Package:

    EPE Cotton→Bubble Pack→Corner Protector→Kraft Paper Pack→enclosed wood crate

  • Design: high definition 3-D rendering, detailed engineering drawing
  • Design time: 4 to 7 days
  • Manufacturing: 10 to 30 days
  • Friendly to display  jewelry & watch

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