Luxury stainless jewelry mall kiosk

Model No.: UJK-12
Size: 13*7 foot
Style: Modern luxury
Color:  brass stainless and cream white

Includes 1. flat jewelry showcases, corner showcase, cash counter

This kiosk is perfect to display diamond, gold jewelry and high-end watches.

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Nowadays, kiosk business is developing very rapidly. With the improvement of material living standard, people’s demand for jewelry is increasing.

If you want to open a kiosk store, then a jewelry kiosk is a good choice. Introduced today is a stainless steel high-grade jewelry kiosk.

Glass jewelry showcase, using the glass display above, underneath the wooden storage space.

Both the luxury of stainless steel, but also the understated elegance of wood bake paint.

The color of stainless steel is brass, with low-profile matte light coffee color. The overall feeling, luxury and elegance.

modern jewelry kiosk

The glass part of the corner showcase is raised to 1’7″, which is convenient for displaying bust props.

The corner cabinet is not added below storage counter, so that the whole space seems to be sparse and not crowded.

The lighting fixtures are made of energy-saving LED strips for jewelry, with high brightness and low energy consumption.

And the LED strips is invisible. LED strip was hidden inside the stainless steel lampshade and more beautiful.

modern jewelry kiosk

Stainless steel in rich colors, such as titanium, rose gold, bronze etc.

Wood painting colors can be customized according to Pantone or Ral cards.

jewelry kiosk material

LED energy-saving more choices

jewelry kiosk LED light

Safe Package: EPE Cotton→Bubble Pack→Corner Protector→Kraft Paper Pack→enclosed wood crate

jewelry kiosk
jewelry package

Jewelry kiosk production process

jewelry kiosk production process

More details for you:

  • Material: stainless steel, high quality MDF with bake painting, safe tempered glass, energy-saving LED strip
  • Size/Color/Logo: 100% customized
  • Design: high definition 3-D rendering, detailed engineering drawing
  • Design time: 4 to 7 days
  • Production time: 10 to 30 days
  • Friendly to display  jewelry & watch

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