modern jewelry kiosk

modern glass and wood jewelry kiosk supplies

Model No.: UJK-21
Size: 10*12 feet
Style: modern 
Color: grey, white and blue
Includes 1. flat jewelry showcases, cash counter, top lighting stand

This jewelry kiosk store is friendly to display fashion jewelry and watches.

Ujoy Display  design and produce customized jewelry kiosk with over 12 years experience. Contact us to build your kiosk right now.

The jewellery kiosk we are sharing today has an overall palette of grey and white, with a light blue back, giving an overall elegant and fresh colour scheme.

To provide more display space, we have used a double glazed display area.

The back of the display area has a glass sliding door to make it easier for the jewelry mall kiosk clerk to take the jewellery.

modern jewelry kiosk

The skirting of the mall kiosk is made of stainless steel, which is durable and resistant to impact and moisture.

The back storage section has drawers and storage doors to adapt to different types of jewellery storage.

modern jewelry kiosk

To provide more light throughout the kiosk. In the four corner of the kiosk, four LED light stands have been installed.

Both give the overall apperance a distinctive look and provide the jewlery kiosk with additional enough light.

modern jewelry kiosk

Finally, we share a real-life kiosk photo. We can see the final finished kiosk with its bright lighting and overall elegance and style.

If you want to open a jewellery kiosk like this one, please feel free to contact us.

Our consultants will talk you through the process of designing and creating a jewellery kiosk as well as the budget.

You’ll find it’s easier to open a custom jewelry kiosk with Ujoy display.

modern jewelry kiosk

In this jewelry kiosk, we use LED stripe light and spot light. Also you have more lighting choices as below:


As we know the good package is very important for protecting showcase. We use 5 layers protection.

Safe Package: EPE Cotton→Bubble Pack→Corner Protector→Kraft Paper Pack→enclosed wood crate


Jewelry kiosk smooth production process


Why you choose Ujoy Display:

  • High quality material, more material options: high quality MDF with bake painting, stainless steel, wood veneer, laminate, lether,  safe tempered glass, energy-saving LED strip
  • Full customized: design, color, material, everything can be made to meet your specific needs.
  • Unique Design: high definition 3-D rendering, detailed engineering drawing
  • Fast delivery: 4 to 7 days for design, 2 to 4 weeks for production.
  • Attentive after-sales services:video or PDF installation guiding, free replacement of lighting or hardware in 2 years.

If you want to open a jewelry kiosk, contact us now to get helpful support.

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