modern jewelry kiosk

Modern high end jewelry mall kiosk for sale

Model No. UJK-22

Includes flat jewelry showcases, corner cases, higher tower showcase

Design style: modern luxury

Color: white and gold

This jewelry kiosk is perfect to display high end jewelry and watches.

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Attention to details

This jewellery kiosk is a shop in shop style.

With an overall elegant beige colour and luxurious gold stainless steel lines, the shop style is elegant and light luxury.

The large use of wave panels makes the overall style stand out.

The exterior of the wave panels is covered in transparent glass instead of the traditional wooden structure, and the addition of lighting, the overall look is made more prominent, creating a sense of crystal clarity.

modern jewelry kiosk
modern jewelry kiosk

Jewelry tower showcase

The kiosk has 4 free standing tower showcases scattered on one side. The showcases measure W1’5″*D1’5″*H4’5″.

The glass display area is clad in gold stainless steel, echoing the overall light luxury style.

Underneath the showcase, storage doors have been made to facilitate the storage of jewellery.

The lighting is bright, colourful and easy to hide LED strips.

This showcase is suitable for fine jewellery in the shop or for the display of busts.

If you want to see more real shot photos, look at them as below.

modern jewelry kiosk
modern jewelry kiosk

The glass display area of the corner showcase is shaped in a very unusual round glass shade and gold stainless steel, and the light fixture has been chosen as a multi-head spotlight with a gold rod.

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modern jewelry kiosk

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