modern jewelry kiosk

Modern jewelry kiosk with wooden jewelry showcase

Model No.: UJK-13
Size: 10*10 foot
Style: Modern simple
Color: light grey
Includes 1. flat jewelry showcases, corner showcase, cash counter, signage cabinet.

This mall kiosk is perfect to display earring, necklace,  bracelet, ring and watches.

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Today, jewelry is becoming more and more popular. People don’t just need to buy rings and other jewelry when they get married.

In daily life, jewelry has become more and more frequent as a part of clothing wear in every day life.

As a result, more and more businessmen are choosing jewelry kiosk for their business.

The following kiosk style is very simple, the color is advanced light gray and versatile white.

Logo signage and checkout counter placed in the middle of the kiosk interior, not occupy the outer jewelry display area.

logo sign is double-sided backlit acrylic letters and posters.

modern jewelry kiosk

Glass showcase wooden part, using stainless steel lines, so that the jewelry showcases look simple and not dull.

The light fixture chosen is a multi-headed LED pole spotlight. The light head can be adjusted according to the angle needed.

The commonly used light colors are cool white, positive white and warm yellow.

The skirting of jewellery kiosk is made of stainless steel, which is anti-collision and beautiful.

modern jewelry kiosk

In this kiosk, we use stainless steel silver color. And you have more color choices according to the kiosk main color, such as titanium, rose gold, bronze etc.

Wood painting colors can be customized according to Pantone or Ral cards.


LED energy-saving more choices


Safe Package: EPE Cotton→Bubble Pack→Corner Protector→Kraft Paper Pack→enclosed wood crate


Jewelry kiosk production process


More details for you:

  • Material: stainless steel, high quality MDF with bake painting, safe tempered glass, energy-saving LED strip
  • Size/Color/Logo: 100% customized
  • Design: high definition 3-D rendering, detailed engineering drawing
  • Design time: 4 to 7 days
  • Production time: 10 to 30 days
  • Friendly to display  jewelry & watch

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