The design features custom optical showcases and creative wall shelves. The white square shelves are at right angles to each other, creating a strict 3-D grid on the display wall. Each pair of glasses sat on its mini stage. The product display is very impressed with the clever use of directional lighting. And the color of the lenses is highlighted at an illuminated background.

High-quality materials such as black marble for counter showcases and service desk, against the white marble floor, leather-covered wall panels, as well as the golden ceiling makes the whole space glow, awakening memories of bright, sunshiny days at the beach.

Top quality materials

  • Material: marble, leather, stainless steel, tempered glass, plywood, LED lights
  • Size/Color/Logo: customized
  • Package: secure wooden crate
  • Design: 3-D rendering, engineering drawing
  • Design time: 3 to 7 days
  • Manufacturing: 10 to 30 days
  • Perfect to display sunglasses, eyewear, crystal items, small fashion items
optical showcase materials_ujoydisplay

Creative optical shop has never been easier

Visual Merchandising is everything the customer sees, both exterior and interior, that creates a positive image of a business and results in attention, interest, desire and action on the part of the customer.

The 3 major goals of a store should be to:
1. Motivate the customer to spend money.
2. Project the image of the store .
3. Keep expenses to a minimum.

Our capability and experience in the industry reflects our commitment to delivering the highest quality and best service at competitive prices, contact us today to discuss your optical shop project.

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