Stainless steel jewelry showcases are often selected by the top brands, it is perfect to display jewelry, diamond, watch and more luxury collections. Compared to wood & glass showcases, stainless steel showcases are more durable and more safe to transport worldwide.

The brushed stainless steel can be electroplated in popular colors: gold, black, bronze, blue etc. Combined with hot bending ultra-clear tempered glass, it looks luxury and elegant. The products are displayed under the LED standing lights.

Exquisite craft makes perfect displays

  • Material: electroplated stainless steel, tempered glass, LED lights, leather
  • Size/Color/Logo: 1200*500*950mm, or customized
  • Package: secure wooden crate
  • Design: 3-D rendering, engineering drawing
  • Design time: 3 to 7 days
  • Manufacturing: 10 to 30 days
  • Perfect to display jewelry, watches, luxury items
stainless steel jewelry showcase in the shop_ujoydisplay

You deserve the best jewelry showcases

Custom stainless steel jewelry showcases by Ujoy Display are designed, fabricated, delivered just the way you need them. On-time, on-budget, contact us today to discuss your jewelry shop project.

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