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  • Overall Size: 1000*500*1000MM (L x W x H)
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Ultra-clear Tempered Glass, LED light, PU leather
  • Color & Finish: Brushed rose gold, with an anti-fingerprint finish
  • Features: Illuminated, Ships Fully Assembled, Lockable
  • Customization: Brand logo, metal/leather color, LED light temperature, Size, Style etc.

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The custom jewelry showcase is made of 2.0 thick stainless steel laser integrated molding, electroplating wire drawing, full welding process, PU leather hard package processing, ultra-white and clear tempered glass, and high-quality hardware accessories.

Double-row jewelry special LED light strip, available in multiple colors. Cool white is suitable for displaying diamonds and silver jewelry. Pure white is suitable for jade and colored gemstones. Warm yellow is ideal for gold jewelry. The lights and electrical plug are all installed. You just need to plug in to use them normally.

We have applied stainless steel frame to the entire glass display area and drawers, not only enhancing aesthetics but also providing protection for edges and corners, making the jewelry showcase more durable.

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