Ujoy customized Jewelry Window Display Cases

  • Overall Size: 700*400*280MM (W x H x D)
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Ultra-clear Tempered Glass, LED light, PU leather
  • Color & Finish: Brushed brass, with an anti-fingerprint finish
  • Features: Illuminated, Ships Fully Assembled, Lockable
  • Customization: Brand logo, metal/leather color, LED light temperature, Size, Style etc.

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Jewelry window display cases are widely used in the glass door display windows and walls of jewelry stores. They are characterized by good transparency, space-saving design, and the ability to attract customers into the store.

This jewelry cases is made of brass brushed stainless steel, with a 45-degree angle process at the top and bottom.

The corners, inspired by diamonds, are crafted using a multi-angle welding process, making the overall shape more uniquely beautiful.

The interior of the jewelry window display cases can feature LED spotlights or light strips. There are multiple light color options available, including popular choices like cold white, neutral white, and warm yellow.

The glass door is complemented by a stainless frame, adding to its exquisite look. With a 90-degree opening, the door allows for convenient access to the displayed jewelry.

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