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  • Overall Size: 1800*550*1500MM (W x D x H)
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Ultra-clear Tempered Glass, LED light, PU leather
  • Color & Finish: Brushed brass, with an anti-fingerprint finish
  • Features: Illuminated, Ships Fully Assembled, Lockable
  • Customization: Brand logo, metal/leather color, LED light temperature, Size, Style etc.

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In jewelry display showcase counter design, providing ample display space is a crucial factor. Besides a well-planned layout, vertically extending the showcase space is a good idea for increased display area. This showcase features a two-tiered display zone, effectively doubling the vertical display space.

The overall shape of the jewelry display showcase counter is oval, and the upper part is entirely made of glass oval cover except for the shelves. Because of its special shape and large glass area, this design tests the craftsmanship very much. It requires experienced craftsmen, and the stainless steel frame structure must fully fit the glass to ensure that the overall structure is stable and the details are perfect.

Ujoy masters have more than 10 years of experience in making high-end display cabinets and are very good at making this type of display cabinets.

In order to make sure that each display area has sufficient lighting, we use double-row jewelry-specific LED light strips and install light strips around each layer to ensure sufficient display lighting.
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