Display Case Materials

What are display case materials?

In terms of display case materials, especially retail store showcases, we can study it in 2 categories:

  • Ready-made display cases
  • Custom-made display cases

As to ready-made display cases, the most popular materials are Aluminum alloy, tempered glass, LED spotlights, melamine board, etc.

aluminum alloy glass showcase_ujoydisplay
Aluminum alloy glass showcase

Because the aluminum alloy frames come with standard specifications, it’s easy to make the showcases in standard sizes(colors), and it’s quick to assemble them as ready-made or semi-made showcases, thus the manufacturing cost is much lower.

However, it is not a good option anymore for the retailers especially the Mid- to high-end store owners who prefer more stylish and unique store displays. Because there are many limitations on showcase material, color, and styles. 

So it comes to custom-made display cases, the most popular materials to produce the store display showcases are listed below:

  • Wood(MDF, plywood, solid wood)
  • Stainless steel, iron plate, copper plate
  • Tempered glass / laminated glass / mirror
  • LED lights(spotlights, strip lights, pole lights, custom lights)
  • High-pressure laminates(HPL)
  • Wood veneer
  • Natural stone / artificial stone
  • Fabric, leather, velvet
  • Plexiglass(white/clear acrylic sheets)
jewelry showcase materials_ujoydisplay.com
Store display showcase materials
luxury watch showcases_ujoydisplay (8)
Custom-made store showcases


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