Display Showcase Types

What Are Display Showcase Types?

Generally, there are 2 main types of display showcases:

  • Freestanding Showcases on floor
  • Built-in Showcases(usually a custom installation) Built-in displays may be mounted on the wall, may act as room partitions or may be hung from the ceiling.
Freestanding Showcase_ujoydisplay.com
Freestanding Showcase
built-in showcases_ujoydisplay.com
Bulit-in Showcase

There are 3 types of freestanding showcases:

  • Display Counters: Counter showcases are designed to display objects through one side (the “customer side”) and have them accessible through the other (the “clerk side”). For this reason, the counter displays are most relevant for retail stores. 
  • Middle floor Showcases(also called Mall Kiosks, gondola displays) The middle floor cases are built to display objects from all sides, and are meant to be placed in the middle of the room(space)
  • Wall Cabinets: Wall showcases are meant to be placed against a wall, where the products are displayed and accessed from the same side. 

These last two types are used heavily – not only by stores – but also by museums, schools, and especially in homes to showcase valuable items or collections.

Display Counters__ujoydisplay
Display Counters
Middle floor Showcases_ujoydisplay.com
Middle floor Showcases
Wall cabinets__ujoydisplay.com
Wall Cabinets


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