How to custom showcase colors

To build your dream retail store, your can custom the showcases in your brand colors, which enhance your brand awareness and make the store a complete concept and more stylish.

Basically, the showcase manufacturer can customize the materials of the store showcases: wood, metal, leather, glass, fabric, plexiglass, poster, light color; Now let’s explain one by one:

1. Custom painting colors on wood

One of the most popular custom options is making different baking paint colors on wood showcases(mainly on MDF)

As long as we have the color value(CMYK/RGB/Pantone/RAL) we can custom the paint color and make the painted wood samples for clients’ approval. We would suggest a suitable paint finish(glossy or matte) depending on the entire store design and featured products.

Below is an example of Pantone and RAL color matching cards:

Pantone RAL color matching
Pantone RAL color matching
Custom colors for makeup store

2. Custom wood veneer/laminate colors

Instead of painting colors on MDF, we can also add the wood veneer or HPL(high-pressure laminate) to the finish. So you can also have hundreds of options.

Wood veneer colors for showcases
wood veneer watch showcase_ujoydisplay (6)
Wood veneer on jewelry showcase

3. Custom metal colors(stainless steel, iron plate)

Thanks to electroplating on the stainless steel, we have multiple color options for stainless steel. Also, the iron plate can be powder-coated in many popular colors.

stainless steel electroplating color options_ujoydisplay
Stainless steel color examples
Jewelry Showcase(bronze stainless steel)

4. Custom leather/fabric colors

There are always display trays inside the showcases, and leather or fabric is the most popular material to make the trays. Sometimes we can also use leather or fabric to wrap the showcases as decoration, thus you have hundreds of color options to make it unique and stylish.

leather colors on
Leather color options on display trays and showcases
Fabric colors on showcases

5. Custom plexiglass(acrylic sheet) colors

Plexiglass is widely used in the retail display industry. Transparent and cream white plexiglass is most used as logo sign letters and backlight boxes. And color plexiglass added much more decoration options on the showcases.

Together with different LED light colors, color plexiglass made the fashion shops(makeup store, cosmetics shop, toys shop) more stylish and attractive.

Plexiglass acrylic colors_ujoydisplay
Plexiglass(acrylic sheet) color options on showcases

6. LED light colors

Lighting color plays a great role in a retail store, there are different requirements on lighting for the different products. 

Thanks to the latest lighting technology, retailers can even control and change the LED light colors easily as per retail display preference.

display showcases with different light colors_ujoydisplay
Showcases with different light colors
LED light colors on store
LED light color options for showcases


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